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Global Stewards - Green Eco Tips for Sustainable Living

20 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Here are twenty ways to cut down on your carbon footprint. Even small changes can have big impacts on both reducing greenhouse gas emissions and inspiring others to follow in your footsteps.

  1. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Green-E Certified Renewable EnergySwitch to a renewable energy option through your utility or a certified renewable energy provider (U.S. and Canada).

  2. Calculate your carbon footprint and buy carbon offsets from a certified provider (U.S. and Canada).

  3. Reduce energy use. Quick steps:
    • Change your lightbulbs to LED
    • Unplug unused electronics
    • Wash clothes in cold water and hang them to dry
    • Insulate your home, especially doors, windows, attic and attic door
    • Check lights, appliances, curtains and your thermostat every morning and night and anytime you leave home
    • Install a programmable thermostat
    • Buy certified energy efficient appliances
    • Get an energy audit
  4. Reduce water use.

  5. Minimize purchases of new products, especially resource-intensive or heavily-packaged products.

  6. Swapping is the New Shopping - Reduce your Carbon FootprintEmbrace a minimalist lifestyle. Declutter your home and donate unneeded items to charity. Buy, borrow or rent used clothing, electronics, house decorations and furniture, cars and other products whenever possible.

  7. Buying locally sourced, organic, vegan, unprocessed foods from local farmers, farmers markets, green restaurants and health food stores.

  8. Recycle as much as possible, even when travelling, and buy products with recycle-able/minimal packaging. Search online for ways to recycle hard-to-recycle items in your local community.

  9. Compost Food Waste to Reduce Your Carbon FootprintCompost your food waste.

  10. Green your transportation. Quick steps:
    • Walk, bike, carpool and use public transit as much as possible
    • Consider replacing your car with an uber service
    • If buying a car, buy the most energy efficient and low emission car you can afford and buy used
  11. Fly less and, when you do fly, purchase carbon offsets (select "Individual" then click on the airplane icon to view the airplane carbon calculator).

  12. Reduce standby power consumption by taking the zero-volt challenge.

  13. Reduce your junk mail.

  14. Pack waste-free lunches.

  15. Choose low energy-intensive activities (i.e., hiking vs. sky diving).

  16. Sierra Club Ready for 100 - Support Climate Action Organizations Choose green hotels and encourage hotels you visit to green their practices.

  17. Support climate action organizations. Research the companies you buy from (especially ongoing purchases). If they aren't reducing greenhouse gases themselves and supporting action on climate change, switch to a company that is.

  18. Promote a carbon fee and dividend policy to provide incentives for companies and individuals to reduce carbon emissions.

  19. Learn more about climate change and share what you learn with others (PowerPoint Recent Findings on Climate Change and Climate Change: What Is It, Proof It's Happening and What You Can Do About It).

  20. Resilient Neighborhoods Reduce Your Greenhouse Gas EmissionsEncourage and support greenhouse-reducing practices in your community: