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Take the Zero-Volt Challenge!

Permanently reduce your energy bill in about an hour!

The Problem:

Many unused appliances plugged into our homes are simply wasting energy - and money - everyday. Many modern appliances use standby power even when they are turned off. Other appliances, such as second refrigerators or freezers, cost hundreds of dollars each year to run but many times aren’t worth the cost.

Take the Zero Volt Challenge to Permanently Reduce Energy Use!The Solution:

Quickly identify and minimize your energy drains in three easy steps:

  1. Print one or more copies of the zero-volt worksheet
  2. Walk through your home - inside and out - and unplug every appliance* until your electricity meter stops running. Note what you unplug on the worksheet. Pause and listen. Has your home ever been this quiet?
  3. Replug in only those appliances that need to remain on 24/7 (i.e., refrigerator). Consider plugging other appliances into bye bye standby or smart strips. Alternatively, simply unplug these appliances when not in use. That’s it - very simple but surprisingly habit-altering!

* And turn off indoor and outdoor lights. IMPORTANT! Only unplug an appliance if it is safe for both you and the appliance!