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Global Stewards - Green Eco Tips for Sustainable Living

Environmental Organizations, Sustainable Events, and Resources for Environmental Advocacy in Marin County, California

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Announcements and Sustainable Events

  • Marin residents have a BIG ecological footprint:

Ecological Footprint Comparison

ecological footprint for Marin

Source: Redefining Progress, Sustainable Sonoma County, Worldwide Fund for Nature, as quoted in the Marin Countywide Plan, adopted November 6, 2007.

To see how your footprint compares, take the Ecological Footprint quiz.


Reuse Services


Animal Guardians


Food and Health


Renewable Energy

Deep Green - 100 percent renewable energy from the Marin Energy Authority


Parks and Open Space


Land Use and Native Plants


Bay, Creek, and Watershed Management

Sustainable Communities

Petition and Information on Fluoride in Marin County Water Supply

Petition to Remove Fluoride from Water

Fluoride Alert


Ocean and Coastal Management


Air Quality Management


Government and Elected Representatives


Volunteer Opportunities


Environmental Education


Environmental Youth Organizations


Spiritual Community


Service Organizations


Peace and Social Justice Organizations


Alternative Transportation/Fuel


Other Sustainable/Environmental Organizations


Other Environmental Resources